‘Gelato is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal.’Voltaire

There’s nothing unlawful about Miinot Gelato though, just the delightful taste of fresh, natural ingredients and velvet-smooth textures, made on the premises by Emma Nicholas-Jennings.

Situated in Pascoe Vale South, Miinot offers a carefully considered range of flavours, which blend Italian artisanal traditions with fresh ingredients from the local area. Emma and her husband Gary use a combination of experience and imagination to invent new flavours almost daily; the basic fruits – lemon, or burnt fig, for example – have an intensely natural taste, thanks to an all-fruit base, while the more elaborate flavours such as Nonno blend marscapone with sultanas soaked in Pedro Ximenez sherry.

Each flavour, indeed each batch, is unique, thanks to the time and attention put into making them by hand each day. It’s a challenge that Emma and Gary relish, knowing that only the highest standards will do for such an exquisite creation.

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